You’ve got to have the right tools to get the job done. We own a complete range of broadcast standard hardware and software. Here’s a sampling of what’s available to our clients:

Camera Gear

  • Multiple Panasonic HPX 2000 cameras (full-size P2 HD camera, 1080i, 720p)
  • Panasonic HVX 200A (mid-size P2 HD camera, 1080i, 720p)
  • Nikon D800 DSLR camera with cinema rig
  • Multiple GoPro cameras (micro HD/4K extreme POV cameras with underwater housings)
  • Sachtler fluid tripod heads with carbon fiber support, including two Sachtler Hotpods
  • P2 “E” Series 32 GB Cards
  • P2 card readers
  • P2 card record deck
  • Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle with a solid state hard drive
  • Field monitors


  • Lectrosonics diversity wireless systems, 5 body packs and 2 cubes
  • Sennheiser wireless system
  • Sound Devices 302 mixers
  • Shure FP-24 mixer
  • Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO audio board
  • Tram and Countrymen lavalier mics for wireless sets
  • Sony hard wired lavalier mics
  • Audio-Technica studio mics
  • Electrovoice handheld mics
  • Audio-Technica boundary mic
  • Multiple shotgun mics with boompoles
  • Edirol digital recorder (mp3 and wav)


  • Bron Kobold waterproof HMIs
  • Lowel 3-point lighting systems
  • Ultra bright 12 volt LED lighting (weatherproof)
  • Pro-lights
  • LED panel camera lights
  • Soft boxes
  • Clamps and rigging
  • Accessories (gels, dimmers, dichroic filters, flags & cookies)
  • Diffusers, reflectors, scrims and back drops
  • C-stands


  • Multiple quadcopters with HD, 4k and live feed capabilities
  • HD switcher
  • Jib arms
  • Slider
  • Teleprompter
  • 2K Honda generator
  • Selection of drops, including white, black and green screen


  • AVID Symphony edit suite
  • AVID Media Composer edit suite
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Light Room
  • Sorenson Squeeze
  • Mobile editing capabilities